Don't Let Your Business Get Stuck in the Snow This Winter

Need to hire forklift snow plough attachments for a day, a week, a month or even more?

Want to buy the equipment so you can be ready for winter's arrival every year?

Dechmont Forklift Trucks have everything you need to ensure your business can continue functioning, no matter what the weather throws at you during the winter months.

Why Do You Need a Forklift Snow Plough?

If your yard, car park or private road is covered in snow it can cause havoc and lead to a loss of revenue for your business. But with Dechmont Forklift Truck's snow plough fork lift attachments you now have the means to clear snow quickly and easily thus preventing any potential disruption. The snow plough can also be utilised at other times of the year as a general purpose attachment to clean up your yard or workplace.

A Variety of Forklift Snow Plough Attachments

We offer attachments for a wide range of machinery in varying widths according to your requirements. Our attachments will fit most machinery, providing you with the perfect tool to keep you yard or workplace functioning through the winter months.

Forklift Gritter Attachment

In addition the the variety of snow plough attachments we offer we also have gritters that can be connected to the back of forklifts to spread salt once areas have been cleared.

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