Tips For Forklift Repairs

Hopefully, you will have made sure you have a good supply of forklift trucks in good condition at your disposal. You will have made sure there are trucks to use when your best ones are out of use and you are able to maintain a smooth working timetable as a result. However, every now and again your trucks break down and you or someone in your team will have to carry out forklift repairs, and if they do, then a prompt resolution is essential.

We’re going to be looking at forklift truck repairs, and how you can carry them out quickly and efficiently so your trucks are up and running in no time.

Health and Safety

It goes without saying that working safely is crucial, not only for yourself but for your team. Caution is a keyword and you mustn’t rush anything. Make sure the area where you’re carrying out your repairs is well-lit, and that you’re wearing protective clothing so you don’t expose yourself to harmful chemicals. Protective clothing will include goggles, gloves and overalls, with strongly made quality boots. Keep in mind that injuries can be a result of harmful substances which can come from the engine, radiator or battery.

Follow Instructions Carefully

It’s important to follow the instructions to the letter, whatever it is the manufacturer’s instructions tell you, you need to adhere to them because if you don’t, then that’s how accidents happen. It’s also how you’ll irreparably damage your truck.

Gauges Need to be Repaired Promptly

The gauges are an important part of how your forklift truck works efficiently. The mechanism activates how the forklift works, they’re part of the instrument panel and activate once a part is no longer working. You can imagine then how important it is that the gauges are in perfect working order. Check these before anything else.


Brakes are important and need to be checked. We’re talking brake pads here and it’s important to avoid brake failure, this can be done by inspecting the pads on a regular basis. Any defects need to be repaired quickly.


Any malfunctions should be reported by the operator immediately, so something can be done quickly. Therefore, your team needs to be told how and when they need to inform the repair team there’s an issue so as to avoid any serious accidents.

Recycling Parts

If you have more than one forklift truck, then you’ll know that you have many other parts to rely on. This is useful when carrying out forklift truck repairs, you can really save money if you use recycled parts. You don’t necessarily have to use your own, you could buy them in and save yourself money at the same time. They won’t necessarily be lacking in quality just because they’ve been recycled, just check with your dealer that they’ve been thoroughly checked and that they are now up to optimal quality as specified so they can be used immediately.

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