Forklift Truck Maintenance Tips

If you’ve invested in forklift trucks for your business you’ll have invested good money in them, because naturally, you wanted good quality trucks that were safe to use and ones which would last over the years.

It’s Important to Look After your Forklift Trucks

If you want your forklift trucks to last and you want to get your money’s worth out of them, then naturally it makes sense to maintain them on a regular basis. Over the time you use them they will, in all likelihood, need repair for either unique or routine breakdown, including replacement parts etc. Maintaining your forklift truck doesn’t have to be hard work though, all you need is to make sure you follow a clear and well-thought-out schedule and stick to it.

Proactive Maintenance Programmes

By being proactive with your maintenance programme you will be better prepared for bigger problems should they appear, and you’ll also be able to catch small problems before they become big ones. By making sure you’re well prepared you’re going to save money in the long run, the money you can invest in your business. Make sure you check your forklift trucks daily or weekly so you know if there are any problems quickly, also make sure you keep up with when they need servicing.

Safety Checks

As well as scheduled equipment checks it’s important you carry out safety checks and check each part of the machine, looking at all the intricate parts of the machinery such as tips and forks and any hooks. What you’re aiming at is for all your forklift trucks to operate smoothly and for them to be safe to use.

Check Everything

Pay attention to service intervals, and make sure you check everything as well as carrying out daily checks. Based on hour clock reading, the service intervals are every bit as important as every other type of check carried out, we’re talking temperature, moisture, exposure to harmful fluids and the flooring your forklift travels on.

If you carry out safety, daily and service intervals, then your forklift trucks are going to last that much longer. Prevention is better than cure, and if you are proactive with your maintenance and checks, then your forklift is going to be in less need of more serious repairs if you take care of them.

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