Which Tyres To Choose For Your Forklift Truck?

When you own a forklift truck, there’s a lot to think about. You have to consider maintenance, health & safety, and of course training. You also have to make sure you have all the right equipment for your forklift, or you could irretrievably damage it. After having spent money on your forklift, whether you hired or bought it, you want to make sure you get as much out of it as you can, and to do that, it has to remain in good condition.

We’re going to be talking about choosing the right tyres for your forklift truck. The right type of tyres are crucial, because when they’re in good condition, so is your forklift, and you’ll get more out of it.

So which type of forklift truck tyre is best?

There are two types of forklift truck fits, so there isn’t a massive amount from which to choose. There’s press on and standard fit. Standard fit go on like conventional car tyres and are fairly easy to put on. Press on tyres are perhaps not quite as hard wearing as standard fit, they take less time to put on, but they don’t do well in different terrains.

Three different types of tyre

So there are two tyre fits, but there are three types of tyres. There’s pneumatic, solid rubber and polyurethane. Which type is right for you will rather depend on where you work. If you understand your workplace well, you’ll know which ones are right for you, or you can discuss it with your forklift dealer.

Pneumatic forklift tyres have a thick tread and are good for uneven terrains, they are more expensive, but if you work in a rough area, then these tyres could be the right type for you.

Solid Rubber forklift tyres are quite popular tyres, and as a rule are not usually filled with air. They’re made of solid rubber that fits around a metal band. There’s less cushion, and because of this, are better suited to indoor work.

Polyurethane forklift tyres are indoor tyres, they’re much lighter and give good traction. They’re good for electric and indoor forklifts. They really good for keeping an electric forklift balanced. You can’t really use polyurethane tyres outside, as they’re completely unsuitable for this type of work.

As we’ve seen, its important to make sure you make a proper assessment of what you’re forklift truck is going to be used for, the weight and size of your forklift and of course, what it’s going to be carrying. If you research carefully before you buy, and not make an impulsive purchase, then your forklift will thank you in the long-run. It’ll last longer, it’ll work better, and you’ll get so much more out of it. You’ll also have a safer working environment because you’re less likely to have accidents and spills if you’re using the correct tyres.

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